Don’t Overlook Maintaining your Business’ Roof

by trotella

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Fixing a leak in the roof of your business premises, in the middle of winter, dodging rain and wind, could be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. It’s a much better idea to do regular internal inspections, checking for unexplained mold, or small leaks that may indicate a roof problem. A once-a-year, preferably during the summer months, visual inspection of the roof itself, may help prevent a serious roof problem developing further, and reduce the risk of a roof related claim being made against your New Jersey business insurance policy.

How to do a roof inspection:

•    Document previous repairs so you can easily check the repairs have remained intact.

•    The surface of the roof, the gutters and the downpipes should be cleared of any accumulated debris.

•    Check vents, grates and roof top equipment such as air conditioning units are adequately sealed against the weather.

•    Trim or prune any tree branched growing close to your building that may chafe against your roof.

•    Check the roof itself for loose, cracked or unsealed roofing material.

In the event your business roof hasn’t been inspected in some time, consider hiring a roofing professional to do the initial inspection. It might also be a wise idea to confirm your New Jersey business insurance provides financial protection for your business roof, and the coverage amount is enough to replace the entire roof if necessary.


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