Inexpensive Small Business Promotion Ideas

by trotella

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Running a small business from your home can have many lifestyle advantages, as well as being flexible and potentially profitable. Although your startup budget may be restricted, this is the time when building up a customer or client base is crucial. The answer is to find innovative and inexpensive ways to promote your business within your community. Before you test your creative ideas on the public, ensure your business is appropriately protected by New Jersey business insurance.

Inexpensive small business promotion ideas:

•    Create a compelling, informative and entertaining single page newsletter, including your business details, and hand it out as you move about your community.

•    When appropriate, give interested people three of your business cards – one to keep and two to pass on to other interested people.

•    Request testimonials from previous customers and ask permission to post them on your website.
•    Offer to present informative talks to local clubs and groups; remember to concentrate on educating your audience rather than selling to them.

•    Make a personal commitment to attend public meetings and have something useful to say on hot topics.

As you can see these ideas are inexpensive, but they do require commitment and time. Funds may be in short supply, but don’t be tempted to skimp on purchasing the correct New Jersey business insurance coverage to financially protect your small business.


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