Consider Mediation when Employee Discipline is Required

by trotella

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As a responsible business owner you probably already know that financially protecting your New Jersey business with insurance makes considerable sense. Something else that makes considerable sense is knowing how to discipline an employee or discuss a conflict without escalating the problem.

Why you should consider a mediator:

•    It can reduce tension: A third party may diffuse a potentially stressful and defensive situation by being clearly neutral.

•    It may enhance communication: Miscommunication is often the cause of conflict and it may be difficult for the people involved to sort out the problem when they’re already confused and upset. A mediator may help clarify and resolve the conflict.

•    It might uncover a hidden cause: Sometimes a problem can get so out of hand the source of the original conflict gets buried under all the angry noise. Part of an impartial mediator’s job is to sort through the small issues to uncover the real problem.

Whether you run a large business, or a smaller business, having an independent mediator to deal with disciplinary issues may help to keep, and even improve, workplace harmony. It might also make you less vulnerable to stress related workers’ compensation claims as these can sometimes arise out of ongoing or unresolved workplace conflict.


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