Water Damage and your NJ Business Premises

by trotella

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Water damage from a burst pipe or another water source at your NJ business premises can cause a massive amount of damage, which could temporarily close your business down and result in a claim on your business insurance.

Water leaks can be caused by any number of things, including the following:

•    Pipes and drains: When a plumbing system becomes blocked, the result can be overflowing sinks and toilets. During an isolated cold snap in New Jersey, the water lying in a pipe can freeze, and potentially crack the pipe, allowing water to flow out.

•    Roof: A roof’s main purpose is to provide shelter to the building and its occupants, and when it deteriorates, water and moisture can begin to leak through. Lack of ceiling insulation and poor ventilation can contribute to the roof decay and damage. Constant exposure to New Jersey’s wet conditions can also adversely affect an aging roof.

Other common sources of water damage in the workplace include air conditioning units and refrigerators. While it can be difficult to identify a potential problem, having your appliances, roofing and plumbing regularly checked and maintained in good condition may go a long way towards lowering the risk of water damage.


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