Be Aware of the Cons of Working from Home

by trotella

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Due to the current harsh economic times, many New Jersey workers have been forced out of the traditional workforce. Some of these people are desperate to begin earning money again, and working from home can seem particularly appealing. Unfortunately, there are scammers who are waiting to take advantage of desperate people.

Some work from home job offers to be aware of:

•    Remember, if a job offer seems too good to be true it’s more than likely some sort of scam or con. Be wary of unknown companies offering easy work, with flexible hours and amazing money making potential. A potential employer that doesn’t want to view your work history, or check your references, should be seen as suspicious.

•    Be cautious of mysterious job offers that require you to pay up front for supplies or training. Genuine offers of employment shouldn’t need you to spend money to get started.

•    Under no circumstances should you be tempted to provide personal details to unknown people, especially online. Be aware of scammers who try to obtain personal details under the pretense of signing you up for job training.

If you do get a genuine opportunity to work from home, keep in mind that a standard homeowner’s policy doesn’t provide insurance coverage for a business. Depending on the area of business, you may also need to consider purchasing liability coverage, and other business insurance policies. Why not talk to one of our agents about your options?


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