Motorcycle Safety Tips

by trotella

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There is no doubt that running a motorcycle can be a lot cheaper than most cars, which is why many people chose a bike. You can park them nearly anywhere, you don’t need so much gas, and motorcycle insurance costs less!

However, motorcycles are also a much riskier proposition when you’re on the road. There is nothing between you and the road or another car if you’re involved in an accident, so you need to be vigilant and proactive about safe riding.

Always wear a helmet; it’s law in NJ – it might feel great to feel the wind in your hair, but the chances of you actually feeling when your head hits the road at speed without a helmet are slim.

Cover up – wear proper leather or Kevlar reinforced denim and closed in boots. Coming off with bare skin means leaving most of that skin on the road.

Occupy a position in the left of the lane behind the car in front so the driver can see you in the rear view mirror. 

Wear something brightly colored and reflective, particularly at night, to increase your visibility.

Don’t drink and ride, the risks aren’t worth it.

Motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable on the road. You won’t be as visible, and you don’t have the protection of all that metal around you that the people in cars have. Your motorcycle insurance might pay up on a damaged bike, but it can’t put you back together.


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