Personal Umbrella Policy

by trotella

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Here is the scene…You take your kids out Trick or Treating and Mrs. Jones around the corner gives out apples instead of candy.  Little Johnny wants candy, so he takes out the apple and throws towards a garbage can.  He misses and instead it slams into Mr. Jones, who was walking down the driveway.  

Mr. Jones falls to the ground and suffers a concussion.  He sues you and Mrs. Jones sues you for loss of consortium.  Combined they are suing you for $1 million dollars, after all he was hurt, unable to work, can never look at an apple again, and could not take care of Mrs. Jones.  

Your homeowners policy has a limit of $500,000, so what do you do?!?  

Yes, this is a silly scenario, but also a serious one.  What would you do?  

This is why you should have a personal umbrella policy to give you an extra layer of protection over your homeowners and automobile insurance policies.  You can select limits starting a $1 million and have piece of mind in knowing that you are protecting you and your family in the event of a serious loss.

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