Commercial Umbrella Insurance

You've worked hard to create and grow your business, and it's scary to think that you could lose everything in the blink of an eye. The truth is that as a business owner, you face a tremendous amount of risk. Being properly insured isn't just a good idea, it's absolutely crucial to your long-term financial safety and the success of your company.

Different states have different minimum insurance requirements, but accepting the bare minimum is a bad idea when it comes to commercial insurance. Workers compensation and disability insurance are designed to protect both you and your workers, but the other exposures you face must be addressed, as well:

  • What if someone slips and falls in your store, then sues you? Do you have the proper liability coverage?
  • If you are sued for an amount over your liability policy limit, will you be able to pay out of pocket? Or, do you have a commercial umbrella policy in place to safeguard you from financial ruin?
  • What if your company's delivery truck hits another vehicle? Is there a comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy in place to protect you?
  • What if your office is burglarized and your electronics are stolen? Did you have the foresight to purchase a commercial property policy that will reimburse you for the loss?

Most business can't easily recover from incidents such as these without proper insurance. For small business owners in particular, proper coverage could mean the difference between a long-lasting, successful company and a short-lived business venture.

It's your business.

Whatever your business may be, making sure you're properly insured is our business. No matter if you are a restaurant owner, retailer, contractor or corporate executive—the exposures you face are serious. Protect yourself and all you've worked for with the proper business insurance.

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