Home Insurance

Your home is your castle

Home is where we share life-changing moments, watch our children grow up, make memories and grow old with loved ones. Of all the physical assets you possess, your home is worthy of the highest levels of protection. The agents at Karl Weidel Insurance understand that the monetary worth of your home and its contents are just a small part of its immense value. For over 100 years, our agency has been helping people protect their homes and all that they represent.

Homeowners insurance protects you against various risks, including:

  • Liability
  • Damage due to fire, wind, hail or lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Damage due to ice/snow
  • Frozen pipes/systems/appliances

An accurate asset assessment is the first step in ensuring you have the proper homeowners insurance policy with the appropriate limits. Optional supplemental coverages can be added to your policy to cover high-value art or jewelry.

Not just for homeowners

"Home" means something different to everyone. It isn't always a three-bedroom house with a garage and yard; it could be an apartment, a condominium or a townhouse, as well.

  • Condo Insurance - When you own a condo, you face a different set of risks than a homeowner. While your condo association may be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the outside of your building's structure, the inside of your condo is your responsibility. HO-6 condo insurance covers the interior structure of your unit.
  • Renters Insurance - As a renter, you enjoy the benefit of not being responsible for home repairs. But when structural damage occurs, personal items are often damaged as well. While your landlord may be in charge of fixing damage caused by a fire, he or she isn't responsible for reimbursing you for damaged or ruined personal belongings, such as clothes, electronics or furniture. Renters insurance protects your personal possessions.

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